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Frankfort Rotary Club Community and Family Service Award

The Frankfort Rotary Club will be making the above award this year at the May 31 meeting. The 2-person committee of Bill Lauppe and Jim Ryan are seeking nominations from Club membership for award candidates — person(s) making a serious positive contribution to the community over a period of time. (For example, folks like past winners Rick and Jennie Schmitt for their work as leaders of the Garden Theater restoration project, or long-time volunteers in various community service organizations.)

We need to have all nominations in by May 10 so we can have the award materials ready for the presentation on the 31st. So please submit via email ( or or in person at any meeting between now and then.

This award gives proper recognition to individuals/organizations for outstanding community service and also reminds the community that Rotary is always focused on community service and those who, like us, provide it.

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